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How much does a lightweight Commander weigh?

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How much does a LW Commander weigh? For that matter, what does a Combat Commander weigh? I looked on Colt's website but if it was there I couldn't find it.
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1967 Colt's Commander. No "lightweight" Commander in those days. Combat Commander was the steel frame version, the Commander has an alloy frame.

24.4oz on my postal scale. Empty. No magazine. Officer ACP grip safety, not the tiny standard grip safety which cuts my hand. My only modification and it will come off in a minute of two for purity if needed.

A mere 1oz heavier than my Kimber Ultra II.

6.5oz lighter than my all steel Officer ACP.

Forgive the flash photography, the pistol is really quite handsome. Note the spur on the Officer ACP grip safety is slightly longer than the Commander version.

-- Chuck

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Colt claimed 26.5 ounces, so I assume they weighed 'em with the mag installed. The early Commanders had lightening cuts in the rear of the slide, like the early commercial National Match and Ace/Conversion Unit slides. They also had aluminum mainspring housings. New XSE models have ambi thumb safeties, which weigh a bit more than a single-sided one. The aluminum triggers on the new ones weigh a bit less than the old steel ones. The new, Novak-style sight is a bit heavier than the older sights, but they require milling more of the slide away for installation, so probably not much difference. A new one probably weighs ~27 ounces. Did Colt ever substitute steel MSHs for aluminum, or did they go straight from aluminum to plastic? A steel MSH would add another couple of ounces.
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