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How to check chamber fit?

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I have heard some Kimbers suffer from a too tight chamber.

What should a properly polished chamber feel like with a new round in it? A little play or none at all. The reason I ask is I polished my chamber last night with a dremel polish bit (looks like a .50cal flat bullet)and notice a little wiggle room. I did not check this prior to polishing, so I don't know if I changed dimensions. Is a polishing bit even abrasive enough to do harm? It seems to soft to do harm to me. I did not use any polishing compound as the dremel bit is supposed to be impregnated with it. I noticed a lot of the tan polishing material when I was done but no metal dust at all.
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The whole pistol is, I'm certain, hopelessly screwed up and should be sent to me immediately

Depending on what the size of the cartridge you are using, a little side to side wiggle is fine. Usually the chamber doesn't need to be poilished, but sometimes the throat can use a little buff, but unless there are problems in feeding, I leave mine alone. If you need the exact chamber specifications they are in Kuhnhausen's books among others.

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