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How to leave my "safe zone"?

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I live in a two story older home (1911 believe it or not). I have always been a believer that creating a safe zone is better than sneaking around the entire house when a possible threat is present. All the bedrooms are on the second floor, so I feel that our perimeter is keeping anyone from comming up the stairway.

My question is this. Should I need to leave the safe zone, and my stairway does a 180 degree turn midway, what is the safest way to navigate the turn?

Given the two choices is it better to stay put, or "slice the pie"? Is there another way?

Please advise.....
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If the problem is not being able to see, how about a beautiful mirror placed in just the right spot? Might look nice, and help you see around that corner
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Originally posted by bucksnuffer:
If the problem is not being able to see, how about a beautiful mirror placed in just the right spot? Might look nice, and help you see around that corner
I agree w/Back on the mirror idea. If you don't like that idea and have money to throw around and don't mind spending some time in jail then maybe you can try recon by fire!
Just kidding.

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Clint Smith suggests some of those polished metal decorative jars be placed at strategic points where you have issues with corners or blind spots. While being decorative, they serve to provide a wide angle reflection view, much like convex security mirrors. They won't be good for long distance viewing, but at least you could see if anyone was around the corner on your stairs quite well.
You mean the whole second floor is the "safe zone"? Hope your windows on the second floor are neigh on impossible to force open or break.

Mirrors at certain places MIGHT be a good idea. Just remember that the thug(s) can use them to their advantage too sometimes - the reflective vases, polished brass items, pictures (glass covered) etc might be alittle better.

A handy item is a folding inspection mirror, the type used by atuo mechanics and engineers etc. I used them on a tactical team - they work great if you are careful how you use them.

Lastly, some strategicly located high-powered
spotlights mounted on the ceilings, high on the walls might be good too. This ensures, while there is electrical power anyway, that the thugs are always facing very bright light. If they are inclined to shoot them out - at least you are SURE of their intentions, and their whereabouts.
LAK, as far as that goes, you can purchase battery powered emergeny lights, that are relatively unobtrusive, and have them installed in tactically advantageous locations. I have a couple that I have been meaning to install, and have been too lazy to do so. Remember this though, any thing that you have to your advantage, ie. lights, lirrors, etc. can be used against you as well. Plan accordingly.


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Yes, the battery powered emergency lights would work too (and be better during a power outage!).

One other thing I left out was being careful as to where the switches are located.
If they are to be emergency only lights, put the master switch in your strong hold...In fact, anytime you can swing it, you need the breaker box where it's accessible to YOU...Use the house for YOUR benefit...You live there, make it YOURS!!!



I Like The Shade Too!
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If you are in the safe zone as you describe I can see no logical reason to leave it, however the mirrors are a good idea along with the idea that Clint Smith teaches. Any way if your family is up there I would probably dial 911 and wait for the calvary, another good idea is a panic button with an exterior audible alarm... Your neighbors won't like it but it will get some attention.
My safe zone is upstairs. All the bedrooms are up there with my bedroom at the top of the stairs. There is a half wall that you have to go around to get to any bedroom. So it is real nice and easy to defend up there. No access thru windows as they are all atleast 2 stories up. If the 2 dogs roaming the first floor start going "bezerk" I just wait at top of the steps
Now I'm a firm believer in dialing 911 pretty much right away. Guess it comes from my days doing SAR in the Coast Guard. You can always down grade the responding officers but you can NEVER make up that time difference between when you should of called for help and when you did call.

The defensive firearm is a special-purpose piece of safety rescue equipment, designed to extricate a person . . . from the immediate threat of savagely violent crime. It is like the fire extinguisher. . . . Neither piece of equipment will do you any good if you don't know how to use it or are not psychologically prepared to face danger with that gear in your trained hands in a terror situation.
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