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How to shoot at IPSC Limited?...ctxt.

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I know at the IPSC Open they shoot both eyes open. But at the Limited are you suppose have both eyes open or one eye close?

Thanks in adavance.

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There is no requirement on how many eyes you have to keep open, but I try to keep at least one open all of the time and preferably two. Most shooters will agree that it is to your advantage to shoot with both eyes open if you possibly can. Does that help?
I think it could be a "failure to do right" penalty if you shot with less than one eye open. LOL

I wouldn't ever recommend shooting with only one eye open unless you're trying to overcome an eye dominance problem or only have one eye.
Both eyes open.........

Let's see maybe ASR has something here.At a IPSC regional match where they shoot modified maybe you should shoot crosseyed.
Or how about a stage where you shoot with the weak-side eye only?
Originally posted by ranger:
Or how about a stage where you shoot with the weak-side eye only?
I do that every time I shoot a handgun,I'm blind as a bat in my right eye.
All three, one on the front sight, one on the target and the last one on the next target...

...keep as many as ya got open...
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