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Hi all,

I would like to introduce myself, new member, been lurking around the Forum for about a month now. Got turned on to it from the M-1911 site, made a few posts but nothing of any substance.

I have been pistol shooting for several years now (30+, back in the days when the league I was in was refered to as "Combat Pistol") and started out with a 1911 Govt. I also have been carrying all these years even back before guns were outlawed in the Chicago area (that's where I'm from) and thank God 20 some years ago I decided to move to Texas. I have had CHL permit here in TX since almost the beginning and am very active with the NRA & TSRA (Texas State Rifle Association). Anyway enough small talk, hope I can fit in with y'all, seem like a very knowledgeable group of people.

I recently added to my 1911 collection. I purchased a Daly EFS Blue model on a whim and after handling it, just the initial cleaning part, I got the bug again & 10 days later purchased a SA Black Stainless Loaded. The Daly did not feel as sound as my Gold Cup, which I bought new around 1973, and has been my favorite carry piece. So it left me a little empty. It may shoot as well or better than the SA, we will see.

I better get out of here now as I am not prepared to give the range reports on these 2 pistols yet. I have fired them both (200 rounds ea.) and will report the results soon, individually and as a comparison. I am kind of interested how these 2 will compete against each other for function & accuracy.

Again, Howdy.

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