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I can't believe this: bullet stuck in barrel

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Somehow no powder was dropped into a case. I know that ultimately it is my fault for expecting rather than inspecting, but I either missed the powder dropping step, or the Lee auto disk missed a charge.
Anyway, what is the best way to remove the bullet? I thought about getting a dowel rod and pushing it in the direction of travel as not to reverse the bullet against the rifling. This sound good?

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I keep a foot-long piece of fiberglass arrow in the gun case, along with a spare recoil spring and a pair of foam earplugs. That way, I know I'll have it handy if I need it.

I also keep a plastic mallet in my range box, but can use a rock to drive the arrow shaft, if necessary.

A few sharp blows and the barrel is clear with no damage.
Originally posted by Danomite 45:
dear feedramp, I concider myself well prepared, however you need to do something diferent if you have that many problems with your firearms. use a wood or nylon punch. Fiberglass WILL shader into many pieces. Everything is fun and games untill someone looses an eye.

Who said that I had "that many problems with[my] firearms?" I didn't. In fact, if you read my post again, you will not see any such statement. I didn't say that I had _any_ problems with any of my firearms, much less "many." I sugest you read my post again.

Regarding my use of a fiberglass arrow shaft: I have used it for various jobs in which it was used as a "soft" drift, and have not experienced the "shader" you described. If I had, I would have mentioned it in my original post, or would not have posted at all.
Originally posted by Tim C:

(snipped for brevity)

How do you know to stop shooting? I'm very nervous about this after reading these posts.

The only reliable way I know is to assume that there is a problem that is severe enough to warrant following the procedure outlined by Powderman. If the bore is blocked, then it was worthwhile.

If it turns out that, after inspection, the bore is clear, then you are merely embarrassed.

I'd rather be embarrassed any day to return later, than to be careless or stupid and not return at all.

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