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I can't believe this: bullet stuck in barrel

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Somehow no powder was dropped into a case. I know that ultimately it is my fault for expecting rather than inspecting, but I either missed the powder dropping step, or the Lee auto disk missed a charge.
Anyway, what is the best way to remove the bullet? I thought about getting a dowel rod and pushing it in the direction of travel as not to reverse the bullet against the rifling. This sound good?

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OK, I'll see what I can do.

Thanks guys
Originally posted by Chico:
Once I had one stuck so tight I had to use a long screwdiver tapped by a hammer. Try the wooden dowel first. You are lucky to did not fire another one behind it!
If there is not enough power for the bullet to exit the barrel, then there won't be enough power for it to cycle. But it did happen on the very last round shot that day!
No, no "Hollywod" antics. I may not be a professional reloader, but I am a profesional in other disciplines![

POWDERMAN, you provided some stellar advice on the squib procedure. I just said "damn" and then racked out the casing without thought.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You will know when you get a squib. If your wearing hearing protection, you will hear a very small "piff" and will feel the hammer drop. Hopefully it is a squib without enough power to cycle the slide.

If you don't mind being where you are, you are not lost.
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