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I decided to look through some of the miscellaneous ammo cans up in the shop today.

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Found a few nice things. One can had at least two hundred .44 Special cases all ready to go and they were even primed. That was a pretty nice find. Another can has a couple of hundred rounds of .44 Shorts all loaded up and ready to go in it. I will have to play with that some more this winter. They are actually .44 Colt cases that Starline sent me when I ordered .45 Colt cases, five hundred of them to be exact. And they refused to take them back. That burned me up pretty good. Anyway a little research showed that .44 Colt cases are the same dimensions as a .44 Special case, the exception being that they are a bit shorter. A little experimentation with some low end .44 Special loads ended up giving me what I call a .44 Short l load that actually is pretty accurate out of my model 29s.
Last but not least another can had about forty brand new primed .243 Winchester cases in it.
Have to check the cans more orten.
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@USMM guy, after hearing you mention the .44 Colt cases a while back, I picked up 300 from a supplier I found on the web. They were Starline and like you, I have done some experimenting with lower end .44 Special loads. They do make some pretty nice plinking loads. The other day at the range, I had my Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan out and ran a box of the .44 Colts through it. The guy down the line watched me and asked if they were .44 Magnums? Deciding to be a wiseass I told him, "No, it's a special model chambered for the .44 Colt.". I then showed him some empty cases and a few not yet emptied. He examined them for quite some time before saying his brother had one just like it. After that answer, I decided to leave him hanging and didn't explain the specifics. 馃槅

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