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I have a new pistol

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I have a 1911 style pistol. How often should I clean it? I keep hearing after every 100 rounds, is this the best method?

Also what oil and lube is reccomended? I am a novice, and do not feel safe doing a detailed strip when the time comes, any suggestions?

Thanks for the help

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Jon, use the search function and enter "lube" or lubrication". You will find a lot of posts relating to what is "best". (Hint - there isn't a best, just personal preference...)

Cleaning every 100 rds. may be slightly overkill, but there is no such thing as cleaning TOO often. Generally, every 200-300 rds. when shooting lead, or 400-500 when shooting jacketed is acceptable.

Use this website for some detailed disassembly instructions (and other useful info)...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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