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I have a new pistol

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I have a 1911 style pistol. How often should I clean it? I keep hearing after every 100 rounds, is this the best method?

Also what oil and lube is reccomended? I am a novice, and do not feel safe doing a detailed strip when the time comes, any suggestions?

Thanks for the help

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For good feeding on a new gun take some #600 sandpaper and lighlty polish the feed ramp and the inside of the chamber throat. I clean mine every time I shoot. Best lube is Tetra Gun lube (get it from Brownells). I also recommend a shok-buff to protect the frame (also Brownells).

As for stripping the gun: does youres have a full-length solid guide rod and bushing? If so, you can drill a 1/16" take down hole in the rod that makes it very easy to take the rod and spring out as a captive assembly. I can give this info later if you need it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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