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as i said i just picked up a browning HP and i can not believe the impecable quality and ergonomical design of this handgun.
if someone told me it was a custom weapon i would believe them.
it feels better than my 1911s i once owned.
i really think i might have found my ultimate handgun. i really am in awe. it balances nearly perfect in my hand!
so somebody want to tell me why....is this handgun not more popular!?!?
i went to go get a walther or an hk. both good weapons. i was ready to buy, and as an after thought i asked to look at the hp. guy said "there is no better 40 in the store." of course i said "oh really?" now this weapon is used but it looks and feels like its nib, even though it came with no box.
i looked at it and thought it looked good enough, i mean real damn good. better than any in that store. and there was a lot of 1911s(but just one customized). the only weapon that came close was a beretta border marshall. but that thing was bulky and clumbsy (not to mention those bull**** da/sa triggers).
then i griped it. better balance than a 1911 full size(almost like a commander). the safety came off easier than i thought and the trigger was good. (not great but good).
i looked at it for a few minuites, and i was sold (probably after the first minuite if not less).
i shot it. shot good. once again not great but good. im almost certain its my fault. im not used to the trigger and the 40 made me flinch. i could see myself improving over the duration of the shooting(which was only 50 rounds, they give you 50 rounds free along with a range session and even a target. cool place. northcoast in shefield, ohio).
all in all this is an unbelievable pistol.
i think i like it better than the 1911.
its more my size and speed.
i cant believe this pistol is not more popular. ***? this thing kicks ass!

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You should jump over to FNhipower.com if you want to talk to some real addicts like myself. I fall back in love with my HP's everytime I pick one up. The high capacity mag ban has hurt the popularity of guns like the HP. It was much more popular and considered the benchmark that other 9mm's were measured against before the ban.
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