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I have found my perfect holster for my carry gun

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Just to give you a little history. I got this holster about a month ago and waited after I used it for a while before posting this review. I use the holster to carry a full size Springfield Mil-Spec 1911. I also had back surgery in 2003, so comfort is a little more difficult for me at times. I have tried most of the popular custom holsters out there and most are comfortable, but this one takes the cake. Since size weight and shape plays a role in holster comfort I am 5'10" about 235-240 lbs and wear 42" jeans with my gun.

Before I reveal this holster let me tell you about it. When I first got it I noticed how thin the leather was I believe this helps the comfort. I put the holster and gun on about 6:00 the night I got it and carried it until 10:00. I was like a kid with a new toy. It was comfortable enough to sleep with it on and I wanted to believe me. Well since that day I have carried for 16+ hours more times than I can remember and it only gets more comfortable. I have heard some say that you cannot feel the gun with a certain holster, well now I know what they are talking about now. I used to carry lighter guns on days I had back pain, but I have to say when my back is hurting this holster is so comfortable I can still carry my full size 1911. It disburses the weight and makes it easy on my back. I am carry so much more now even the wife took notice.

I have not gotten to the part about comfort when sitting. This is where this holster beats everything else I have tried. Since I have had back surgery I cannot stand for long periods and find myself sitting more than standing. Most holsters are comfortable when standing, but when you sit they can become uncomfortable. When you sit the holster shifts moving the butt more forward so it is easier to draw when sitting and it makes it SO comfortable. When you sit down you do not feel the gun pressing into your body at all and you will be amazed that you are carrying a gun much less a full size 1911. I have falling asleep with it on sitting in my recliner and on the couch because you truly cannot fell the gun. You need to get one and try it because words cannot describe the comfort.

Okay with all of that said it is only fair to say that I am using a quality gun belt and have since I started carrying. I bet the ones out there who have one of these holsters have already guessed what holster this is. Well it is a Max Con V by Brommeland Gunleather. If you find yourself sitting a lot or cannot find a comfortable holster then this just may be the perfect holster for you too. I still cannot get over how comfortable this holster is. I will look no further for my carry package because I now have what works for me 99% of the time, and for the other 1% I have a J frame for the pocket.
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I also have some back issues and have found the Max Con V to be almost a 24X7 holster for my 5 inch 1911. As a side benefit, when I want to carry a Hi Power, it also slips in to the 1911 holster quite neatly and is just as comfortable. I highly recommend Gary's products and service.:rock:
Great News!!!

This is great, because I just received my Max-Con V and have not really messed around with it yet!!!!
I bet you are going to love it. Post back here and let us know what you think about it once you have a chance to use it some.
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