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I know how you hate to think about guns ...

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... but I thought I would ask anyway.

Suppose you could not own a true 1911. Suppose your auto .45 choices were limited to DA-type guns.

1. Which make/model would you choose if reliability were your only criterion?

2. Which make/model would you choose if accuracy were your only criterion?

3. Which make/model would you choose if concealability were your only criterion?

4. Which make/model would you choose if trigger action (weight, smoothness, etc.) were your only criterion?

If God didn't want us to own guns, why did He make the 1911?
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Well it seems the 220 is favored over my choice of the Glock30.I have a 220 and the G30 and I do not see the big advantage in the Sig.
1. reliability- the Glock and Sig are both totally reliable
2.Accuracy- both of my guns consistently hit the center of an IDPA target at 20yds.(aimed shots)
3.Concealability- the Glock is smaller,lighter and easier to hide
4.Trigger-I do not see how any one could prefer the 12lb pull on the 220 to the 4.25lb trigger on my Glock

Both are good guns but I still choose the Glock for an overall replacement for my 1911.There wouldn't be any Glock haters out there would there?
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