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I was leaving the Richmond, VA show today when I saw a few "Brownings" displayed in front of stacks of gun boxes. Actually, the boxes caught my eye. They were behind glass with the raceguns and I really couldn't see them too well on the bottom shelf. The dealer is a gunsmith with beautiful custom raceguns and rifles and he was staying busy.

The large black plastic cases were marked FN Herstal on the top and had an adhesive label on the end marked Browning. The pistol looked like my recently purchased basic MkIII. Same sights, grips and dark matte finish. (Although the label on mine says Finish: Mate. One t.)

He finally got about ten spare seconds and let me hold one. It looked like the basic MkIII without the BAC mark and with the serial number on the right side of the frame, out front beyond the trigger guard. The SN started out like mine - 511MZ.

He was busy and I had been leaving for 15 minutes. He said he got them through the custom shop and I assumed he meant Browning because of the paper labels on the FN cases.


He had six of these and another dozen or so black FN boxes stacked behind with what looked like DA pistols.

I guess we'll see how long it takes for them to get here in large numbers.

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