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I shot a Vicker's 1911

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Ken Hackathorn was in town June 9 and 10 for his Advanced Tactical Pistol class. I asked him to bring his Vickers' 1911 so we can look and fondle it. To my surprise Ken said I can shoot it in the class. He didn't have to tell me twice. I shot it in part of the class before handed it to other students to play with. The gun is just about the same grade as the one pictured in AH magazine. It was simply beautiful much more than in pictures. It was a gun presented to Ken on his birthday a few years ago. I tried and tried to get Ken to sell it to me, but I failed.

Larry, great work sir.

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Ricky T,
Come on! Provide some more details!!
I tried to steal it but got caught. Worth the price from my humble opinion. Ricky T got to spend more time in its company so he will be better prepared to give the details.

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What can I say about it? It's basically identical to the one pictured in the AH magazine. Except Ken's has 20LPI (sharp ! ) checkering and no tritiums. The front sight was narrowed to .110" . The thinner front sight does let one acquire it much faster than the .125" sights. The trigger was around 3 lbs, Ken said it was a match gun and not a carry gun. I shot it more than Ken ever ran through it. He said he only fired a couple of mags through it. I offered Ken a Wilson Protector, AR-15 and $1000, but he wouldn't take my offer.

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Your offer sounds like what I had to do to get a Richard Heinie gun.

I saw a Vicker's signature gun Alan Yoast had at the Tulsa Gun Show in spring. Nice looking commander. The checkering was very good. Had an excellent feel to it.

By the way. I did finally get the Richard Heinie gun.

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