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I think I may need Atlanta-area smith, strage prob

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23 years ago I had some work done on my Ser 70 Gov model 1911 (trigger, slide, bushing,etc) by a smith recommended by a fellow who should have known what he was talking about.

I was a very active shooter (did my own loading etc) for a few years, but due to overseas assignments, then kids, I pretty much quit.

Getting the itch to get back into it from reading this board.

BUT! Today, I was checking out my gun and I tried something I guess I never tried before: (With magazine removed) I engaged the thumb safety, pressed the trigger a few times, nothing happened, all's well. Then, as I disengaged the thumb saftey (finger nowhere near the trigger) and the hammer fell! I was shocked, to say the least. Tired a few more times. Happened everytime.

Anyone ever hear of this? Any ideas on how to rectify? Is it possible that I have assembled incorrectly.

Thanks for anyhelp you can give.
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...Try adjusting the left leg of your sear spring to add more tension...if that takes care of your problem then treat yourself to a new sear spring after 23 years. Also check the sear nose and hammer hooks for damage or wear. If the sear nose is damaged or short it could also allow it to fall. If the hammer hooks are worn and over 90 degrees it can fall. If there is no damage and the tensioning doesn't help check the disconnector. If the disconnector length is too short it won't clear the sear feet...
Anyway, you can start by checking these parts...worst possible case senario you treat yourself to a new Hammer,Sear, and Disconnector. If you have to do this just get a new light weight trigger and refit the safety, or get a new one, at the same time. No sense screwing around with old parts if they are worn. You won't regret upgrading.
If you can't do it yourself contact a reputable shop on the East coast.
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I'd check the sear spring tension, but, a point that was overlooked is that it could be an ill-fit thumb safety. It's allowing the sear to move just enough to get to the secondary escape angle, then allowing the hammer to fall to the drop-notch when it's disengaged... bad mojo.. Bend the left leg of the sear spring toward the front of the frame a smidge, reassemble, and try again.. if it's still dropping, take it to a smith and get it fixed.
John Harrison is a good Atlanta smith and he can be reached at [email protected]
I didn't over look the safety, I said check the sear nose first. If the nose of the sear is too short the sear safety engagement surface is rotating away from the
thumb safety stud and is not being frozen against the hammer hooks properly. If that is the problem a new sear will correct it and then the thumb safety should be checked for function. If it is still dropping and the hammer hooks are worn out replace both parts and then check the thumb safety engagemement, etc.. Or you can just put new parts in and solve all the problems at one time and make all your adjustments at one time? Otherwise its kind of like trying to use a new gear in an old transmission...
. However, we are just guessing here since we can't see the condition of the existing parts.
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Yeah... it's hard to diagnose from all the way over here...
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Another vote for John Harrison, I think he's near Atlanta. Met him last summer in NC...really good guy and his work looked great!
John Harrison is not only a superb gunsmith, he's a real gentleman.
Thanks much guys for all the responses!

I am in contact with John.

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