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Massachsetts Rifle Assoc. will be having an ICORE Postal Match (Revolver Only)
on Sunday October 30, 2005.
Sign up starts at 12:30pm, with a required safety meeting starting at 12:45pm.
This match is open to all revolver shooters, whether you are an ICORE member
or non-member. Scores will be sent in to ICORE.
I have attached the ICORE match website, please pay close attention to the
equipment requirements. The highlights are:
1)Approved holsters are required
2)Minimum power factor of 120 (usually factory loads, and remanufactured loads
meet this requirement)
3)Have enough speed loaders or moonclips to complete each course of fire.

As usual, there will be 2 classes.
OPEN- red dot sights, compensators, or porting
STOCK- Iron sights, no red dots, comps, or porting.

ICORE Postal Match information

Should you have any questions, please fell free to email me @
[email protected]
Rich Frazier
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