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Texas Tactical will be holding the 90 round IDPA
classifier this Sunday November 9th 2003 at the
Hill Country Rifle Range southwest of Austin Texas. Sign up will be at 0930hrs Hammer down at 1000hrs. A map and directions can be found on our website:

We highly recommend that you come out and
get classified. There are many benefits to being
classified: It allows you to compete against
people of your own skill level and
classification. It also allows you to track your
progress and improvement over time. Plus it is a very good practice drill for alot of the things we do in matches. So, if you want to get classified, or maybe you think your skill level has improved enough to move up to the
next classification level, or you just want some
good trigger time. Or maybe you have a new gun
you would like to classify with. Come out and
shoot with us!!
(You are required by IDPA to be classified in
each division that you compete in at the
Regional, State and National level matches.)
Hope to see y'all there!
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