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IDPA For The 1st TIme

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Anyone out there into IDPA? I'm thinking about it and would like to hear pros, cons, and experiences about IDPA. Also, would like to learn about what weapon people are using for IDPA and if it really is their prefered carry weapon.

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Ooops! You can tell I'm new to this forum. I just realized that there is a sepreate forum topic called "Competative Shooting" Go figure. Duh! Oh well, If any of you still want to reply I would really appreciate it. Next time, I will find the proper forum first. Thanks!
No problem Dr.

Let me move it for you to the "Competetive Shooting" forum.
I think you will find that IDPA is a lot of fun.It is not training , just a fun game to play.Some people shoot with the exact gun and equipment they carry.Some shoot guns that they have set up for competition.I started with my carry stuff and now shoot a Kimber Stainless Gold Match with mag well 3lb trigger and kydex holster .It just depends on how much you want to win.You can shoot and be competitive with almost any gun,but if you like the sport you will probably turn into a "gamer" and buy equipment specifically for IDPA.Have fun!
It is fun, and can be quite educational. It lets you practice your gunhandling under stressful conditions, and that's the primary benefit. You have to remember the rules, the course description, your muzzle direction, your trigger-finger location, etc., all while trying to do your best shooting with the clock running.
My carry rig isn't legal, but I often use my carry gun. I have shot matches with three different guns, and the Classifier Match with three others. Run what ya brung.
My observations of running a start-up club for six months, is that most new shooters haven't even glanced at the rule book. Do yourself a favor, and have at least a passing acquaintance with the safety rules and range commands. You will have LOTS of new information to process, and cutting down on the unfamiliarity will make things much more enjoyable for you, the Safety Officer(s), etc. Most of all, have fun.
I use either a Springfield "Loaded" or a Kimber Custom Classic in the CDP division. Both have had extensive reliability & accuracy work done by gunsmiths. An inexpensive yet competitive gun I would suggest is a Glock 19. In the low $400 range you can compete right out of the box in the SSP division. 9mm ammo is cheap when purchased in 1,000 lots.
Go check it out in person first. At many clubs first timers can shoot one match for free.
I use multiple carry guns, dependant on the situation. I carry both guns for different outfits that I use in IDPA. An M-4 in the truck and another back-up handgun <Kahr 9mm>.

Generally I carry my .45 SVI single stack that I use in IDPA CDP. I have always like the concept of a big, fat, and heavy .45 bullet. People that get shot with a .45 generally stay shot. :)


Matt Burkett
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Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. I have a number of pistols, but mostly carry a Glock G26 (9mm). I have been shooting a buddy's 1911 Kimber .45 and a Colt 1911 lately and really have the bug! Like really bad!

Brings me back to my military days. I gotta get a .45. I love the full-size ones. Sweet! But I'm thinking a 4-4.5" barrel one might be better for carry. I guess I could use either one for IDPA.

Ohh...I'm so confused! So much cool stuff.

QUESTION: If I could only by one 1911, could anyone sugest a happy medium for both carry and IDPA? Full size? Compact? Make & Model?

Thanks Guys,
IMO if you are going to carry a 1911, it might as well be a full-sized one. Here in Las Vegas with the extreme summer heat I carry a titanium 2" .38 special snubbie. In the cooler months a coat easily covers my 1911 in a variety of carry positions.
Kimber or Springfield make adequate production guns. If you have the $, then go for a Wilson or Les Baer. With the $ I have put in both my Springfield & Kimber I would have been better off buying a Wilson CBQ or a Les Baer Premier II.
GET OUT THERE & SHOOT ANYTHING. BE SAFE & HAVE FUN. Your Glock will do just fine to begin.
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