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It is fun, and can be quite educational. It lets you practice your gunhandling under stressful conditions, and that's the primary benefit. You have to remember the rules, the course description, your muzzle direction, your trigger-finger location, etc., all while trying to do your best shooting with the clock running.
My carry rig isn't legal, but I often use my carry gun. I have shot matches with three different guns, and the Classifier Match with three others. Run what ya brung.
My observations of running a start-up club for six months, is that most new shooters haven't even glanced at the rule book. Do yourself a favor, and have at least a passing acquaintance with the safety rules and range commands. You will have LOTS of new information to process, and cutting down on the unfamiliarity will make things much more enjoyable for you, the Safety Officer(s), etc. Most of all, have fun.
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