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IDPA in So Cal ??

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Hi everyone, I am very interested in participating in IDPA. I live in Sothern California and am not to sure how to get started. Can anyone give me some pointers ?
I have a Springfield TRP, Springfield XD .357 sig with a 3.5lb trigger job and Tru-glo sights. I assume both would work for IDPA.
thanks in advance for your reply's.

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From Huntington Beach, both Prado and Rahauge's are close by. Rahauge's is off the 91. Prado is the 91 to the Corona Expressway north (71). They are actually pretty close to each other.

Prado is "semi-indoors" so there's shade and your car is closeby. Rahauge's is outdoors, so bring your own shade and chairs.

Haven't been to either in a couple of years, so things might have changed a bit. Now I shoot bullseye. No running, no ducking or peeking around stuff. Picking up brass is about as physical as I get.

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