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I really like shooting and I'm wondering, how do I get in the idpa or ispc. I live in a small town and I don't here anything like that here. It seems like it'll be so much fun. Also, how much time is devoted into this. Thank you.
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I shoot both IDPA and IPSC. I prefer IPSC as it stresses fun and getting a lot of lead down range. IDPA stresses tactical thinking. Although some of the rules of both are somewhat stupid.

Both are fun. Give them a try. The US version of IPSC web site is http://www.uspsa.org or you can hit mine at http://www.limitedgun.com/PPPS

Time? Lets see. I dry fire about 45 minutes a day. Live fire practice one afternoon and one morning a week and shoot a match at least one day every weekend, sometimes two matches. And I spend about 2 hours a week loading and checking ammo. Most however, just show up now and again and have fun.

Good luck to you.

AF Shooting Team

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