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I really like shooting and I'm wondering, how do I get in the idpa or ispc. I live in a small town and I don't here anything like that here. It seems like it'll be so much fun. Also, how much time is devoted into this. Thank you.
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How much time goes in depends on how much your willing and can put in ot it. I ususally try to dryfire at least an hour a day, and live fire once a week(gonna try to up it to two-three times a week if the ammo budget holds up) and shoot 2-3 matches a month at least. Sometimes up to 5 matches a month(if I get REAL lucky). One thing about this sport you'll find is time and money go hand in hand. The more money you can spend the more time your likely to put into it.

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Walangkatapat brings up a good point. To be successfull in this sport you don't have to make GM. All it takes is some of your time out of the month to help set-up or run a match. As previously stated, with out guys like Rick B this sport would colapse under it's own weight. Everyone should make an effort to help set-up, tear down, paste, set steel and score targets to ease their work load. And, most importantly, thank them every chance you get. They don't have to run a club, they do it because they want to. So let's give a salute to your local club officals and ROs. As was said before, this sport prospers because of them.

Kyle Norris

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