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I finally got the opportunity to spend an un-interrupted day at the range to put my new D/W PM7 and CBOB thru their paces for some accuracy tests.. Both performed flawleesly. Again, no issues no complaints. Round count is at 835 for each gun. I'm always puzzled and feel sad for those few that are experiencing break-in issues. But always remember Scott and Keith are a call away.

I used my own reloads for the tests. The cases were random selection from the polishing bin and reloaded on a Dillon 550 using Montana Gold 200gr JFP's over 5.5 grs of W-231. Velocity was listed at 889fps. A by the book load. Montana Gold Bullets are some of the best I've found...AND...they have free shipping.

The ol' man''s eyes aren't what they used to be and I shake a bit more these days but I can say w/o reservation I would put these pistols up against any in a gun fight and feel confident in their performance and reliability. I shot the targets at 30 feet. I'll let you judge the photo results.

Oh and one more thing. The mags were the D/W etched ss mags and they were flawless. Kimber Pro-Mags are neck and neck with the D/W mags and the CMC 10 rnd mag I re-tuned is doing it's job also.

The PM7 went off to the gunsmith today for a new F/O front sight from Dawson Precision. Part (# 020-023). should be back wed. More on that later.

Safe status: sold the PARA DOA Companion 7, setting the Kimber Gold Match II up for Limited, grooming the PM7 for IDPA, (actually grooming these ol' bones for a lot of bending lowr) and the CBOB slid right into the
Bianchi #3 S IWB holster and just tags along as my #1. I's a nice comfy feeling, kinda like slippers.

Now I hear tell from the shot show that there's a new SS offering from D/W coming in .40 S&W. Might have to take an extra hard peek at that little gal.

You know the rule... "If one is good - two are better". and Three?...Well why not?

the ol' man


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