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If I were Colt's president

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Many times I've offered my services as Colt's president and CEO. I have many years of manufacturing and marketing experience, a good MBA, and an understanding of shooter's desires. Oh well, they continue to ignore me. I guess an E4 doesn't hold much water compared to a 3 star jarhead.

Anyway, if I were Colt's president these are the products I would offer.

Python with 6" bbl in Royal Blue.
1911A1 in plain Jane military attire.
Stainless Dick special in .357 magnum.
.22 Diamondback with 6" bbl in Royal Blue.
.45 ACP Lightweight Commander.
.40 Cal Lwt Commander with dbl stack, 10 rds.
Gold Cup National Match in Royal Blue, without firing pin safety.

What did I miss?
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BRING BACK THE AGENT OR COBRA! I know I'm shoutin', but I've got to be heard! Oh yeah, and make sure they are +P rated.
"They all fall to hardball!"

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Easy there Redzone, we can dream, can't we?

I know Colt would have alot more of my money and make me happy personally (if not necessarily a great business case
) if they:

Got rid of the heinously ugly 1991A1 rollmarks and replaced them with something decent for goodness sake!

Re-introduced a proper XS (not XSE B.S.) Government Model, Commander and Lightweight Commander

Re-introduced the Python in 4" and 6", high-polish blue or stainless.

Brought back the Delta Elite

Hired hit squads to assassinate gun shop owners who charge $650 for a 1991A1

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California is probably the bellweather for what Colt is putting their eforts into, and these are the guns they have submitted (and paid) to have approved for sale in California:
Defender LtWt .45
XS Combat Comm .45
1991A1 80 Blue .45
1991A1 80 SS .45
Gov Model SS .38 Super
Gov Model Blue .38 Super
Police Positive.38
Anaconda SS 6" .44 Mag
Maybe they were listening?

The CCO. They make the only compact .45 legal in Canada (barrels longer than 4.1" required) and then discontinue it!!!!!! Only les Baer's stinger fits the bill. Springfield will custom fit a longer barrel but that's more $$$$. If you could do that I'd vote for you in a heartbeat.

Hey Colt PLEASE bring back the stainless CCO

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Originally posted by BK-BHP/1911:
The CCO. They make the only compact .45 legal in Canada (barrels longer than 4.1" required) and then discontinue it!!!!!!
Hey BK, you should still be able to find some CCO's on the shelves if you look hard enough. Also, the Colt Commander is legal in Canada. Para Ordnance P13-45's are also Commander length and legal, and are the same dimensions as the CCO.

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