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Hello, Capt. First, "Mr. Camp" refers to my father! I go by Steve, Stephen, or when really in trouble as a boy, Stephen Allen! I also answer to "Hey, you."

Yes, I am retired from LE, but really don't know how many of the other moderators are or are not.

By the way, I dug out some of my old notes on load development for 9mm cast bullets and didn't find anything that would do good enough to recommend...other than the load I mentioned with Blue Dot powder.

I do not recall which issue, but a few years ago, "Handloader" magazine featured an article in which a fellow obtained sub-1" groups using a stock HP and a handload using PB powder and a Sierra 115 gr JHP.

You might play around with the 6.9 gr Blue Dot load and see if you go up or down a bit on the charge if it gets better.

I kind of gave up on the cast bullet/9mm thing and just shoot jacketed rounds in them, but do shoot a heck of alot of cast rounds in my forty-fives.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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