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I mentioned in an earlier thread that I had purchased two new .45 ACP
Dan Wessons in December 2007. The Pointman 7 was test fired July
3, 2007, and the CBOB October 31, 2007. Both pistols have a blue
barrel bushing which is not an Ed Brown. The hammers are different
also. The PM7 has stainless sides and blue serrations, the CBOB
sports a blue hammer.

The CBOB came with two 8 rnd stainless mags with bumpers. The DW
logo was etched on each mag. The PM7 had two blue 7 rnd mags with no
identifiers and looked like they came from a hock shop. AND, they
didn't hold back the slide. Dan Wesson uses mags from Checkmate and
they function flawlessly. Kim-Pro mags have the same follower as the
CZ/DW mags, at least the patent #'s (6.560.907) on the followers are
the same. And they also worked great in both pistols.

I contacted Scott at Dan Wesson (1-607-336-2622 ext.24) re: the blue
mags on the PM7. I was troubled that this quality of pistol was
shipped with such junky mags, and wanted to know if that was standard
practice. Scott assured me that it was not.

Now I gotta tell ya, Scott at Dan Wesson is a "prince.” Usually
customer service means “when the company gets around to fitting you in
to their schedule.” Not so at Dan Wesson. I called and left a message
with my concerns, and Scott responded within an hour. Bottom line, Scott replaced the cheapo mags with two CZ stainless 8 rnd'rs. And ...they also performed as specified.

After reading a few bad first time out threads on the DW forum, I was
interested in seeing if fit, form and function carried through, or if
beauty was only in the eyes of the beholder.

My first visit to the range was intended to do some test firing of my
different reloads (more on components later), and test out the
different brands of mags I had in my bag.

From the git-go, Chip McCormick mags didn't hold back the slide
after the last shot. Scott suggested re-tuning the springs
(stretching) which has worked on one of the CMC mags. I have
requested a sample follower from Checkmate (Joe DeBello is the go-to
guy there 1-800-229-6467) to try out in the CMC mag. More later on

So how was the function? Flawless. No jams, no FTF, no lock up with
rnds in the mag, no jammed slide, no nuthin but sweet lovin' on the
range. Out of the box? Well, the guns shoot way better than the ol'
man. To stop the range master from droolin' over my shoulder, I
turned both pistols over to a younger more combat-experienced shooter
for a few rnds of evaluation. Wasn't much left of the bulls eye at
30 feet when he got done. His comment, "I didn't expect them to hit
where I aimed” kinda thru me, but then he's never fired a Dan Wesson
and he's young.

He tended to favor the PM7 over the CBOB, but added that the CBOB grip
was something he would have to get used to. I'm finding the same
challenge myself.

I'm still shooting a break-in period on both pistols, and will do some
benching for accuracy here in a week or so. Have roughly 300 rnds
thru each gun. I disassemble and clean each gun after shooting and
have found no galling, wear marks or metal filings. The slides
are smoothing out, and I'm sure they'll slip like butter in a 1000 rnds or so.

I’ll post some photos as soon as I figure out how to do that.

the ol’ man

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Glad to see it's all working out. Now it's just time to have fun at the range:rock:

+1 on working with Scott. The guy really goes out of his way to take care
of you. Not just helpful but I always got a call back within 24 Hours!

Thanks for the report. Good Luck and enjoy!


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Very well written report, it must be pretty exciting to do a tandem comparison.

I'm looking forward to a continuation.


PM or ask away if there is anything we can offer in the way of assisting with pictures. There are several ways to accomplish it and some favor one over the other. I am convinced my method is the easiest and most efficient. Someone could argue with me on that but I am so stubborn I would keep on keepin on.:biglaugh:
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