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I just wanted to relate an experience I had recently with this company. The service they provide puts a lot of people selling guns in touch with buyers and vice-versa. It's a great thing and enabled me to sell my AR-15. The problems I experienced were after the sale, and were limited only to one employee's handling of some of my e-mails.

After sending payment to GA to cover the listing/selling fee, I continued to receive requests to pay for that transaction. Later I received an automated e-mail which was meant to enable me to clear my account. I suppose I should have recognized the e-mail for what it was, but I thought, "what could it hurt just to make sure?".Then I e-mailed them just to clarify what I should do and to ask them to please stop sending the payment requests.

The reply from GA:

I would read that account summary and then if you feel you need to email
us, do so. It specifically asks you to resolve the problem yourself. There
is any number of reasons, our fault and yours, why a payment would not be
credited. You were given the link (link)
that can clear any invoice and you could have saved us both a lot of

This doesn't exactly clear things up, and I felt the tone was a little brusque and rude. I don't expend a lot of energy writing an e-mail. I definitely don't expend more energy composing a courteous one than a rude one. I then e-mailed GA back to let them know I thought that their reply should have been more professional and let them know that I wouldn't be able to use them if that's how I'd be treated in the future.

The reply:
Do you know any "ebusiness" that allows you to sell something to tens of
thousands of people daily for 1%of the cost? We've been in "ebusiness"
since before "ebusiness" existed. If you don't want to sell here, bye.

I should have known better, but I contacted this particular employee one more time to encourage him to be courteous to customers whether they were right or not and to treat them professionally.


I think the problem is that you misunderstand the intent. Our focus
isn't whether you're right or wrong, it's to get you to stop emailing us
because it adds to overhead. This endangers our ability to keep prices low
for the average American gun owner. GA is not for people who want hand
holding. If you're in business you know that nothing is more expensive
than manpower with skills, skills to answer quesitons that if the person
read the directions, wouldn't be asked.

Overall, my point is not that I neccessarily disagree with the points made in the replies from GA. It is the WAY in which the replies were worded that is the problem. Again, I don't know how expensive it is or how much skill it takes to answer an e-mail. I do know it costs no more or takes no more skill to answer them in a courteous manner. Of course I could just be picking nits, but I guess I'm just spoiled from dealing via e-mail with people like Gary Smith, George Smith, Virgil Tripp, and many others who are courteous no matter how "silly" the question. I will continue to give them my business because I know that any e-mail I send them will never be considered simlpy an "addition to overhead" requiring "hand holding".

BTW:I am not discouraging the use of GA per se. I still think it's a great way to buy/sell firearms. Just do not be surprised if this kind of thing is what you experience when you do and have a question or concern you need addressed by the folks there.

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Talk about decay from within...

I used GA once...but not to purchase. Just to download an image of a Kimber Pro CDP so I could drool while awaiting delivery of mine here in CA

But certainly, from now on, I will NOT use GA. The pro-2nd Amendment community is small enough and challenged enough as it is. This individual at GA is defeating the goal of the very company for whom he works by alienating those of us who are committed to its defense (and I'm assuming that means everyone on this forum), and hence, the successful continuation of GA.

This guy might as well get himself a lifetime membership to HCI. Any time GA saves money by not having one of us complain about this inexcusable and substandard treatment, he can donate the savings to them and accomplish the same objective, only probably more quickly.

And by the way, this isn't gun-specific. I'm in sales, and ANY sales effort ought to value the customer's experience over the revenue. Businesses last longer that way.

Rant mode now OFF.


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I've been buying/selling on GA since 1997, and I have needed to contact them via email on several occasions for various reasons. The correspondence has always been friendly and professional. Sorry you had a problem.

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I too had a "Rude experience" with them. I wasnot aware of how the system worked, and I tried to E-mail the seller. Apparently they screen all e mails. I wanted to make a trade with a seller, and they would not allow me to contact them. I guess they were afraid they would not get their 1%.

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I am genuinely confused. I used Guns America to buy my Para from an outfit called Gunfinders and I sent at least a dozen e-mails directly to them (Gunfinders) regarding condition, features, how to ship, did you get the cashier's check, etc. I never heard anything from Guns America.

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I beg to differ, as when I purchased a first year military M1911. And discovered along with the gunshop gunsmith that it was a reblue with a arched MSH. You want to get your $3,150 back. And you want all witnesses you can get. Alas gunsamerica did send replies to him. And I got my $3150 back in installment payments. It was a gun worth what was advertised, but was'nt what was advertised.

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I suggest you do a WHOIS domain search, find out who owns Gunsamerica.com then send them copies of your emails.

142 Main St. # 217
Nashua, NH 03060


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
Helinski, Paul (PH385) [email protected]
GunsAmerica LLC
142 Main St. Suite 217
Nashua, NH 03060
603-557-6472 (FAX) 973-401-0845

Record last updated on 18-Jun-2001.
Record expires on 21-Sep-2003.
Record created on 20-Sep-1997.
Database last updated on 10-Nov-2001 09:40:00 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:

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