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Can anyone provide detail on ILS removal for me?

I picked up the following parts from Brownells

965-011-162 Mainspring Cap S/S
965-011-164 Mainspring Pin Retainer S/S
965-011-166 Mainspring Cap Pin S/S
969-262-200 Hammer Spring 20#

and am ready to replace the parts however I'm
never taken apart the MSH and would appreciate
any help/instructions on the the procedure.


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I'll give it a shot:

To remove the ILS:

Cock the hammer and insert the small bent steel rod in the hole in the MSH (opposite from the ILS keyhole).

Uncock the hammer.

Take a rubber band and wrap it around the grip several times to be sure the grip safety will be held down. This will help hold the sear spring in place when the MSH is being removed.

Drive the MSH retaining pin out from right to left. Use a brass punch with masking tape on it to prevent marring anything. Make sure the frame is held securely otherwise all the banging in the world isn't going to drive that pin out (I learned the hard way!).

Carefully slide the MSH out the bottom of the gun. Don't let that bent metal pin fall out. It is holding the main spring assembly in and all of that may go flying across the room if you aren't careful.

Turn the assembly upside down into a towel or rag on your workbench. Hold the MSH in one hand while carefully removing the bent metal retaining pin.

Your mainspring, cap, and retainer should be free now.

To install the new components:

Clean the MSH well, inside and out. Clean the new parts as well. Lightly lube the new parts and inside of the MSH with gun oil or light grease.

Assemble the pin retainer, mainspring, and cap so they all hold themselves together (just like the ILS one). Insert them into the MSH.

Using your punch, push down on the mainspring cap to compress the spring far enough to get the mainspring cap retaining pin in. The pin is inserted from the inside of the MSH (the part that you cant see when assembled). Release pressure slowly to check that the retainer is working.

You should now have a fully assembled MSH.

Before inserting back into the frame, check to make sure the 3-leaf (sear) spring is in its notch in the frame. If not, gently slide it up into position.

Now begin inserting the MSH being sure not to dislodge the sear spring from its notch. When the MSH is almost all the way in, be sure the align the hammer strut with the mainspring cap. (the hammer should still be decocked)

Push the MSH into postion. Start the MSH retaining pin from left to right. Note that there is a pointy end that should go in first.

Use your punch with masking tape again to drive the pin home.

Check to make sure all safetys are still working, and the firing mechanism still operates as expected.

Hope that is clearer than mud!

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