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I'm a new kimber owner! My first!

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Ran an ad in the local paper to sell or trade my Bushmaster AR-15 last week. Friday I got a call from a guy wanting it, and he offered me a Kimber compact custom, blue finish. I had to jump on that one. I understand that Kimber builds these with some undesirable MIM parts. What should I be looking for to break and replace in the near future? The slide stop appears to be replaced already, it's chrome. Kinda looks cheap. But the gun has only had 35 rds through it so far. Did,nt get the chance to shoot it yet, but did load a round in the chamber. Feels like it is on ball bearings!
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<><> ScottsGT, I wouldn't worry about the MIM parts. Quite a few manufacturers use MIM parts. If they were that bad, I don't think so many companys would use them. I have a UC SS that has about 2,000 rounds thru it with no problems. Just shoot it a lot, and enjoy it. Just my $.02.
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