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You probably won't get unconfused on this forum. More than any other handgun, the 1911 is subject to emotional appeal and personal opinion. We addicts just love our 1911's and have strong feelings about what makes up the best version of our beloved toy.

I happen to prefer Colts, many don't. I prefer to leave my guns stock and I think the plastic trigger is just fine, many get pleasure from customizing their guns and consider the plastic Colt trigger an abomination. There is plenty of room in this hobby for all of us...and for the most part, no one will criticize you for your preference. If I buy Colts, that just leaves more Kimbers for those who prefer that make.

My most recent experience involves two Colt 1991A1's purchased within the last two months. One is a Govt with new roll marks and the other a SS Commander with old roll marks. Both have been absolutely perfect out of the box. They are accurate and reliable and I really enjoy shooting them.

I have owned Springfield products in the past and have found their loaded models to be excellent values if you want a few more bells and whistles than the base Milspec or 1991A1 offers.

If you buy a 1911 from any of the major manufacturers, the odds are very much on your side that you will buy a fully functioning reliable gun. Problem guns are by far the exception and gun manufacturer service is better than that offered by makers of many other equally costly products.

In short,relax, have fun and look at them all. Decide what features you want and buy the gun that best meets your current needs. I guarantee that you won't stop with just one 1911 type pistol once you get started. If it turns out you didn't make the right choice, that provides and excellent reason to buy your next 1911. That's how most of our collections got started.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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