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I'm in a similar situation, and after going around and around I'm still confused. Whenever you (or I) make up our minds, you will inevitably read a post complaining about the make or model.

Kimber, Springfield, Colt... I've read bad things and great things about all of them.

I was dead set on the Kimber until I heard the customer service woes of people (i.e. Sniper vs. Kimber). I can excuse any company from making mistakes, but I can't stand them not making good on mistakes.

At the moment I'm most convinced to buy a Dan Wesson. I've heard mixed reviews about them (mostly good). If you start considering a Dan Wesson, stay with the Pointman Major. I've heard more poor reviews about the Minor than good ones.
The reason that I'm highly considering the Dan Wesson is the praise of their customer service.

I don't believe any 1911 is guaranteed great "out of the box", there is almost always a breaking in period.

Being that most of the 1911's are "get what you pay for" and all are susceptible to problems, I want to buy one with reputable service that feels good to me.

That being said, I suggest you go to a range or gun show and try to feel (shoot) as many as possible; this will inevitably make up your mind.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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