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I broke into gunsmithing in the late 60s but mostly it was just tinkering with rifles until I started fooling with 1911s around 1972. At first I was mostly interested in making them more accurate, later I became more interested in practical shooting (well that's not strictly true, we did have a "practical" 3-gun match in 1969 - but I did more shooting for accuracy each week than the other).

What I found when reading about accuracy was the slide to frame fit was nowhere near as important as the barrel to slide fit - mind you I've lapped a few "squeezed" slides to frames in my time, I've also had to laboriously fit oversized frames to slides. How well the barrel seats in the slide can be reloaded to the link and lower lugs however.

I have a 7" AMT Hardballer - it is a really poor quality gun! - but I mounted a Leupold 2X scope on the slide (got the idea from a national champion B.E. shooter) and it shoots handloads into 1" at 50 yards (10 shot groups)! The key there is the sight (while I'm not a big fan of optics I do tinker with them). - it rattles like a Tin Lizzy :)

I also have an all stock Remington Rand 1911a1 that rattles - it will shoot Winchester ball into about 5 inches at 50 yards, if I do my part. That might not set any records but I have passed the military Rifle qualification with it 3 times and won a sudden death shoot-off at Gunsite at 100 yards. I admit, I only hit the 300 meter target on the rifle range about one out of four, but an accurate pistol I can only do it 1 out of 2 (it is a really large target - the "Ivan")

I do have a couple of other accurate .45s - whether they rattle or not does not seem to matter.

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