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IMR 700X and the 45

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I need some feedback from those that are using IMR 700X for their reloading of the 45. I am looking to try something new, but I would like something a little cleaner than Bullseye (what I have been using for a while now).
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I load 700X in .45ACP. Not because it is better than other powders any way that I can tell, but because I load 12 gauge trap shells with it and am in the habit of buying 5 or 12 pounds at a time. So I use it in nearly all non magnum pistol calibers just for convenience.
A 200gr cast SWC and 4.8gr of 700X gives me about 850 fps, +/- depending on the gun. That is what I need for IDPA. Lighter loads for midrange target are about the same charge weight as Bull.
It is a rather large flake powder and does not meter as uniformly as ball or small granular powder. I have my Dillon's measure set at 4.8gr and get check samples from 4.6 to 4.9gr actual weight. Good enough for me.
Cleaner? I don't know; I'm shooting cast bullets so the lead and scorched bullet lube make it hard to see the powder fouling.
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