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Just to double check ... was all of this with the same pistol? If so, it sounds to me like the disconnector isn't doing its job. If the barrel wasn't locked up yet allowed the gun to fire, that could cause the case rupture. If the disconnector isn't disconnecting, that could cause a double or even worse full-auto.

The 1911 design is very safe when operating properly. If you were to slowly close the action, holding the barrel just out of lock and then pull the trigger, the hammer should not drop. You should be able to close it up a little more and not get the hammer to drop by pulling the trigger until the barrel/slide locking lugs have engaged each other. At this point, the slide/barrel may not be totally forward but the barrel is locked into the slide and therefore is safe to fire.

I can see where you would be getting a little nervous taking this gun out. I know it would sure make me jumpy.

As for completly disassembling the gun. This should not be a problem. The only parts which you would leave attached are the grip-screw-bushings, the plunger-tube, the ejector, and the sights. Everything else can be removed for inspection/cleaning.

We have heard of lemon guns on this site. It does happen. It is also possible to send it back to the factory and have the problem corrected. Hopefully yours will be coming back in working order. You should not have to worry about these dangerous situations.

Let us know how it works out when you get it back!
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