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Originally posted by Ed Brunner:
I am apparently missing something here???Glock firing pins make a strange mark on the primer and the case shouldnt be reloaded???
But when they reload the case don't they use a new primer???
The strange primer mark is more of a symptom than a problem in itself. It is caused by the barrel unlocking and moving downward before the firing pin can retract, thus putting a drag mark on the primer. Glocks routinely do it because of the relatively heavy striker. The problem is the unsupported and often large Glock chamber which can leave brass too large to resize properly.
If a 1911 leaves a drag mark, you have a problem. It is rare with .45 but can occur from a sacked firing pin spring, sticky or bent firing pin, or too light recoil spring with full pressure ammo. In the bad old days of light bullet/Major power factor loads in .38 Stupid and 9mm it was common, leading to firing pin breakage if the gun survived that long. A brave friend of mine used to say it didn't matter, 'cause his .38 Super loads blew the primer pocket after 2 loads anyway...BRRRR!
So- if Glock brass resizes OK, no problem. If your 1911 makes that funny oval mark, fix your pistol and/or your loads!
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