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New to the forum, but not new to firearms...A couple of folks have seriously turned up the heat, and have decided to coerce me by going around my back and got my wife interested in this caliber...:biglaugh:

I'm catching a lot of it now...:biglaugh:

But thats ok, it was in our destiny...

After my wife made her first (by herself, no interference from me) gun purchase...Of which she purchased a Taurus PT 24/7 9mm...

I know...not the biggest draw to this forum, but y'all needed to know the history of this anyway...Some already do, but thats ok...

I have done a little research, and know of a couple really well made products from a couple of manufacturers, of which as soon as I figure out what its going to cost us...We'll do the deal...

So I'll be poking around here for a while sifting through the discussions, gleening what info I can to make the best decision on what to get...

I know all about (or as much as I do at this point) the Kimber, Para and other makers of the 1911 market...

She really liked that Les Baer "Thunder Ranch" gun, that a friend of mine let her shoot this weekend...And I have to say that is one nice hunk of personal protection! But a quick look at the $$$$ involved...If I can find a way...Oh yes, one day...It will be mine...Oh yeah...:)

So I guess I got some parusing to do here in the forum...Look forward to chatting with many of you on this quest...


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Welcome to the forum.......Anything and everything you want to know about the 1911 is right here. When you scratch your itch.......You can basically get anything you would ever want in a 1911 and they keep on multiplying...:scratch: :p

Best regards,

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And yes the TRS is a heck of a pistol. I had some serious " do I really want to spend this much on a pistol " when I got mine. All I can say now is it was money well spent and I wished I had got it sooner. :) There are others out there that run just as well. I have the S&W 1911 and so far not a problem with it. But the TRS kinda sings to me.

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