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Info please

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Ok, I have searched the web for two days now and in frustration, have come to the land of all knowing....the 1911 forum. What I am looking for is choke tube ID. It is a Fausti 12ga O/U. I have all the choke tubes, and on these choke tubes, on the top, are little hashes, or lines, one line for full, two lines for IM....but I'm not sure if thats right. Can someone tell me,,,,the more lines, the more open the choke, or the one liner is the open of the chokes.....i know I have an IM, M, and Full.....but can't find my owners manual since the last move, and the O/U has custom chokjes in it right now from waterfowl season, want to change out for upland now that I am in WA.
Any help would be greatly appreciated ...thanks folks!!
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Buncha chokes

Might wanna know which series you have!

For 12 ga, this should be the deal:

Skeet I is .005" constriction
Skeet II is .015" constriction (Light Mod)
Skeet III is .030" constriction (Full)

Waterfoul & Precision Hunter:

Waterfoul I is .030" constriction
Waterfoul II is .040" constriction (Light Mod)
Waterfoul III is .050" constriction (Full)

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I appreciate the information, but I don't have a tool to measure the constriction of the tubes. The only identifying feature are the marks/lines on the rim of the choke tubes. I would immagine all Fausti tubes are marked in a similar fassion. If all else fails, I'll call them during regular hours, just buggin the hell out of me is all. Thanks.

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Shocktroop, go to the local gun shop and ask them to measure them. They'll use dial calipers and give you a measurement in about thirty seconds. Subtract that from your bore diameter and you have your constriction.
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