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Hey San Jose! You live at the bottom of 680 and I live in Fairfield, up at the top end of 680.

If you want a very decent experience without having to go far, check out the Halo Group at www.thehalogroup.com. My experience there was very good (for the price). The instructors I had there were very knowledgable and experienced, although they're totally Glock oriented. The facilities are quite primitive (no accessories available, no gunsmith on hand if you have problems with your firearm, no food and drink provided, etc.)

If you don't mind some moderate travel, Front Sight (like AAshooter said) is the place. Just outside Las Vegas, it offers first-class training in a facility that is being built to first-class standards. When I was there last (May of this year), things were still somewhat primitive, but they're constantly building and improving. The actual range areas were excellent already. They do have accessories if you need them, a gunsmith on the premises, and they provide food and drink.

The training was fanastic. I'm a professional training manager (not on firearms) so I know good instruction and instructors when I see them, and these guys were great. They were knowledgable, patient, inspiring, and confidence-building. They are also very "customer-oriented" (they know how to treat you so that you'll come back and recommend them! Can you tell?)

Of course Gun Site and Thunder Ranch are legendary, but they're in Arizona and Texas respectively. And there are many others, such as Lethal Force Institute which have an extremely good reputation.

I recommend Front Sight. You won't be disappointed. If you're interested and it can be arranged, maybe we can make some sort of Bay Area group trip kind of deal and share the expense of driving. I am planning on going back for more training in the spring some time. Let me know if you're interested.
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