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Inherited 2 Colt 1911's and have questions

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My father-in-law passed away recently and left me two NIB Colt 1911 pistols. One of the guns is blued and says Colt Series 70 Government model. It came in a woodtone box and sat in styrofoam. It has wood grips and the finish is blued. What is it's value? Also the other pistol came in a blue plastic box. It is a Gold Cup Trophy. It is made of SS and isn't very old according to the test target in the box (1997 I think). What is the value on this? What is the difference between a Gold Cup National Match vs. a Gold Cup Trophy?
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It sort of depends on the models in terms of the value...

Seeing how they belonged to your dad, I'd say they were Priceless...

Anyway, a NIB S70 plain old Government model is probably in the ~$600 (+) range, and the Gold Cup is probably about a grand, maybe slightly higher, depends on location, and what someone is willing to pay.

The GC National Match is simply an older version of the current "Trophy". Maybe subtle styling differences, but not much else... I don't recall if Colt changed the sear on the newer GC's, but the older ones had a unique sear that differed from the standard part.

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I'd say the Gov't Model is worth at least $700, in unfired condition. The GCT is worth about $1000. The Trophy is supposed to be a Custom Shop item, but I don't know that the name really does anything for the value.
The s70 would sell for around 600 hereabouts.
The gold cup, if that new, probably less than 1000. Brand new they're around 900, a used one would be less than that, condition would determine how much less. Near perfect would probably be around 700ish.
That would be the highest we'd be able to sell them for at least.
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