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Greetings all,
I finally got around to ordering the Chip McCormick "drop-in" rear sight that James Beam told us about awhile back. Lucky for me I picked up a CMC gift certificate from a local match.
Anyway, the sight was simple to install. I used a hammer and punch to drive out the rear sight blade from right to left. My CD is one of the "older" or "pre-enhanced" models although I picked it up in Jan/'01. The CMC is sized just perfect for the dovetail.
I test fired it today and was happy to see that the pistol shoots POA. The front sight matches up perfectly. I was worried that I might have to get a different height front sight or file the original down. Just glad I didn't have to do either.
I noticed that my sight alignment/aquisition is much faster and smoother with this new rear sight. I would post a pic, but I am pretty computer illiterate. James Beam posted his a while back if anyone is interested. Or the Chip McCormick website has photos as well.

take care and good shootin', gf
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