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Col. Jessup,

First, a huge "atta boy" for the great photos! :)

The wear on the top of your slide stop is from the slide while the pistol is cycling. It's far from ideal, there should be clearance there. It could possibly tie up your gun.

Your slide stop pin is getting whacked pretty hard as indicated by the deformation shown in the picture. Look for a mark on your barrel's lower lugs. Two pieces of steel are beating the heck out of each other, and both will show the scars. This will NOT "wear" in since metal is not being removed, it's being displaced. Your pistol will get the clearance it needs, but you may have a part failure (slide stop pin) before it occurs.

The marks on your frame are perfectly normal. They are the result of a moving metal part - your slide stop - taking off the finish as it arcs.

The problem you're having reinserting your slide stop is likely caused by the plunger tube and the way the plunger fits inside. It's irritating, but you'll probably either have to live with it or swap out the tube for one that is built to spec. I'd try another plunger and spring assembly first, though. They're inexpensive and a spare is nice to have on hand.

The nick on the leading edge of the disassembly notch on your slide was likely caused by misalignment during reinsertion of the slide stop. Most folks find great relief after that particular event by using the most colorful language available.....loudly and often. :biglaugh:
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