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IPSC in Detroit...unreal!

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Last weekend I shot an IPSC match at Detroit Sportsman's Congress in Utica, Michigan. I've shot there many times in the past but last weekend they raised their already high standards another notch.

For a regular match fee each shooter got to enjoy 7 stages and over 200 rounds! Once field course had two kick-in doors which activated movers as well as a track system with running targets.

Many stages required running, 180 range of motion shooting (done safely of course) and a healthy combination of accuracty and speed. Not one stage was thrown together or simply a filler- each would have been noteworthy in their own right.

I'm not affiiliated with this club- I just want to help put the word out on a group of people that work harder than the staff at any match I've ever been to. There are a lot of great clubs here in Michigan, but you all must see a DSC IPSC match to believe it. If you live in the area stop by!

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