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I was thinking of buying this for my 1911 Kimber.
MJL Control Level for 1911 type pistols
But I don't know if this is legal in Limited class (USPSA/IPSC) ...Ive been getting mixed interpretations....
According to the rule book,
g) External modifications such as weights, or devices to control or reduce recoil are specifically not allowed

Someone told me that if its made off a existing part, which is the slide release...it is legal. Unlike some other product that is drilled into the frame.

Sounds like stretching it...but I just wanted to know your opinion.


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Nope, is not legal for limited. John Amidon ruled it to be an external attachment to control recoil.

I checked the rulebook and I couldn’t find anything about the existing part clause.

For what its worth, I tried one and did care for it at all. It isn’t far enough forward, it beat up my thumb and gave me a heck of a hot spot.

If you switch between open and limited, try to keep everything the same on both. Especially the trigger job. That’s why people who swap back and forth don’t use the Arrendondo gas pedal.

Good luck to you.

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