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Is 800.00 to much?

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I just bought a 1927 Sistema Colt and want some work done. Here is the work:
new sights (Novak bar-dot night sights)
new thumb safety
new grip safety
replace old trigger and hammer (trigger job)
replace all springs
lower and flair ejection port
bevel mag well
install flat main spring housing
install extended ejector
install new barrel bushing (match)
bead blast and blue for finish
I will buy the parts from the gunsmith.

Here is my question. I have been quoted 600.00-800.00 for all this work. Is this above average pricing? Any reccommendations?
I understand quality costs money and am willing to pay for that quality. But I don't want to break the bank either!

Any advice is appreciated!
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If they are buying top quality parts from Brown or Wilson and hand fitting them, that might be about right. If they are buying the cheapest dropins from Brownell's, I would say the price is too high.

What do you want the gun for? I understand the need to do this kind of stuff. If what you want is a very good grade CCW or IDPA pistol, I would buy a Rock River Arms or a Gunsite GSP and have the same amount of money in the pistol and a much greater chance of getting your money back if you ever decide to trade. I have a Norinco that I have over $1600 in including the original new in the box gun. I love the pistol but after all is said and done, it is still a Norinco. I would have rather bought a Baer or Wilson for this amount of money. You will end up sticking a bunch on money in this with no hope of ever being able to recover most of it if you ever decide to trade it or sell it. I will never sell the Norinco, not because it is so great (which it is) but because I have so much money in it, I will never get it back. And if it breaks, I have no recourse with anyone, I just pay to replace the parts.
If you want advice, sell this one and use the money you have for the upgrades and from the sale and buy a good Semi-custom new pistol. You can buy a lot of gun for $1200. And you have someone to call if it doesn't work.

If you do have the work done on your Sistema, get what work you want done and any guarantee plus the exact parts to be used (including parts maker) in writing from your gunsmith. If he doesn't want to do that, get another gunsmith. Don't feel like you are bothering him, it is your money.

"What most of these people need is a good slap upside the head. What I don't need is any more lawsuits." John "The Tooz" Matusak

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That may be a bit high, depending on the parts used and which smith will be doing the work. One thing to consider, do you really want a different barrel? I ask since my Sistema is stunningly accurate. The one thing I definitely won't be changing is the barrel and bushing.

Billy Ray
Nothing in the original post about a barrel. Just a bushing.
It is going to be a carry gun. Mostly for walks in the woods and knocking around in the fields.
I understand it is not very valuable and will never get a return on my investment no matter who does the work.
I can live without the night sights. That will reduce the cost some. I don't want a new barrel, just a bushing to tighten it up a little.
I already own one Les Baer and intend to buy another but I don't want to subject them to a bunch of mud and water while out 4 wheeling and such.
I heard about one of the 5th SFG armors that is doing some work now. His Remington 870 work is good and reasonable. Guess I will see if he works on 1911's
You asked for advice. I would say if you have a Baer for CCW and are getting another and you want a woods gun get a copy of the Shotgun News and buy one of the Police trade in $189 SS model S&W 66 .357 mag. Next to nothing invested, SS to keep the rust down and S&W quality. If i was using the Sistema for a woods gun, I wouldn't do anything to it if it ran and held a 6" group.

"What most of these people need is a good slap upside the head. What I don't need is any more lawsuits." John "The Tooz" Matusak

Sound advice. I will have different sights though. Just can't stand those GI ones!
I had a M1927 worked over and love the results. Here is what I had done....

New fire control (Hammer, sear, disconnector) resulting in a nice trigger pull. Didn't replace the safety lock as it was fine for me. The only reason I'd see to replace it is if you didn't like the style of the thumb stud on it or it was off spec in some way.

New grip safety (to match the commander hammer (also in hind sight not needed but it works well)

New Millit adjustable low mount sights. Required machining the rear of the slide so a refinish with a nice deep blue came with the package.

Total price out the door was in the area of 250 clams.. I'm very happy. You can see a picture of it at:

It is the Aeronautica M1927. It normally wears the Black hogue grips but I'd swapped with the commander so I could shoot a match with the commander.

Think twice about replacing things that do not need replacing to save some money. ALso think about replacing the sear and disconnector as these parts were not the best in this M1927. I've since bought two more and they will also have the sear and disconnectors replaced.

I forgot to mention.. as you might tell from the pictures... I didn't bother with a lowered and flaired ejection port. It's not been a problem at all. I'd not do it if it was not causing a problem.

An example... My commander has an extended ejector and a live ball round will have a hard time clearing the port. My wife's Compact model has a cut in the front of the port to clear a loaded ball round and I might have this done to the commander. I may also just adjust the ejector back.

But as the Aeronautica has shown no ejection problems I'm not going to cut on it.
Tony G.

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