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I recently had a Novak low mount rear site and some other things done to my 1991 and had a new Ed Brown staked front site put on.

I figured that I could get a dove tail later since Colts come with a staked front site from the factory.

My smith used a punch I beleive and then silver soldered it in place.

Now After reading some post lately, I must admit that even dovetail front sights work loose sometimes.

Should I even consider replacing my Ed Brown Staked site with a dovetail site?

Thanks for any help guys


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They are just as durable if the installation is good.

You can get a bad installation with either one.

If you sight is in there tight, I wouldn't mess with it. I ended up buying the tool to stake them myself rather than spend all of that money and take a chance on my slides getting ruined. I have only had to stake two sights so far but it sure comes in handy when I want to try a different sight.
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