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Is it just me or do SA firearms seem to need a lot of repairs?

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Spending time reading about Springfield Armory Inc. firearms (1911s and M1As both) there seems to be quite a few folks having to send their firearms back to Springfield, some more than once to have them repaired or worked on so they work right. I’m not trying to bash Springfield, I’m sure other companies have a few problems too. Just seems like there’s a lot of guns going back.

Anyone else?

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It burns my ass to here that alot of munufatures have a crappy get rich quick philosphy. But most problems can be avoided by doing some homework.

From what I have seen is that most problems or caused by operator error and ignorant ******** trying to "pimp" out their guns. Same people that drive their cars 10,000 miles with out a oill change and install funky ass after market parts that were not specificly desinged for it either.

I never had to send a gun off for repairs. Maybe it is luck? I think alot of it is operator error (like computer problems). But then I know how to properly take care of my guns and I know my and its limitations. Maybe its due to my training in the army or because I grew up around them.

I have Bushmaster m4 with 3000 rounds. I here alot of people having problems with them but I never had a problem with it. It eats anything I feed it and its tack driver. I even fed it rusty nasty magizines thats older then me. I get a sense that most have never been properly trained in the art of fireams or were never in the military when they bitch about when they can't get thier colaspable stock to extend.

SA Milspec bought back in 93, have no problems but there are some cosmetic issues but that is what you get with a 400 dollar pistol. Had a coupel of issues with cheap magazines. goes bang everytime. not that accurate but that is a 400 peice.

SA ss loaded, little nicer, had some magizine issues to, but goes bang everytime. accurate and reliable.

SA ss TRP, brand new but have 250 rounds threw it, I can load empty brass so that is a indication of reliablility. Its also accurate as hell. Has the fit, finnish, and functioning of my kimber CDP.

SA xd40 tactical, eats anything except has some proplems with wolf flat nose. Besides that it goes bang with all other ammo. Its reliable and get more accurate the more I shoot it.

Kimber CDP 5 inch, close tie in accuracy between it and the TRP. very good fit and finish goes bang everytime.

If some keep having trouble then maybe they should just get a sling shot.
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I guess Im not as understanding because I was never in those circumstances.
Hate to hear about some one spend their hard earned money then have to go all through that. But it helps to have all the "details". At least other people will learn form you experince. I wont forget this and I'll remember to be very vigalant when dealing with their shop.
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