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Is it just me or do SA firearms seem to need a lot of repairs?

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Spending time reading about Springfield Armory Inc. firearms (1911s and M1As both) there seems to be quite a few folks having to send their firearms back to Springfield, some more than once to have them repaired or worked on so they work right. I’m not trying to bash Springfield, I’m sure other companies have a few problems too. Just seems like there’s a lot of guns going back.

Anyone else?

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JTR said:
Just seems like there’s a lot of guns going back.
It might have something to do with the volume of firearms that wear the Springfield name, they do have a big chunk of the 1911 market. I have two. One went back, mostly because I was nit picking. The bushing had a bit of play in it. I really just wanted to have an excuse for some Springfield Custom Shop work, "while they were at it."

I suspect you're leaving something out

tsp45acp said:
When the custon shop fitted the 6 1/2" comped barrel in the longslide-Deb quoted me a price of $125-150 4-6 weeks turnaround time. When it was finished it was $300 took 13 wks and when I questioned the $$$ and time frame I was told by Deb- you don't have to pay, but we have your gun :bawling: !
As someone who has dealt with Deb I can say this, she was always pleasant and upfront about the costs associated with my pistol's work. She was gracious, patient and understanding of my constant pestering and "well, I might as well add this or that, 'while you're at it'" My guess is, you added something to the job. These things tend to cost money and take more time. It's just a guess, but I'm a good guesser. There is also the remote possibility that you had a bad experience, even the best people have off days.

Just my 2¢, YMMV

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