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Is it just me or do SA firearms seem to need a lot of repairs?

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Spending time reading about Springfield Armory Inc. firearms (1911s and M1As both) there seems to be quite a few folks having to send their firearms back to Springfield, some more than once to have them repaired or worked on so they work right. I’m not trying to bash Springfield, I’m sure other companies have a few problems too. Just seems like there’s a lot of guns going back.

Anyone else?

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I think the part about the forum magnifying percieved problems because everyone with an ill 1911 comes here is very true.

That said, here's my take on 1911 reliability: there are basically two sets of manufacturers. The "value for the money" guys and the high end guys. A few manufacturers have something inbetween, and some do both.

IMO when buying from the "value" lines, you're acknowledging that you're buying inferior small parts, barrels, trigger, and fitting, and in return getting your pistol for $1500 less than some other people paid. Whith these guns, I see the purpose as buying a good frame & slide and then knowing that you may end up modifying or replacing the rest sometime during the gun's life.

Within the value lines, I like SA the best. No lawyer safeties. Forged frame and slide (last I checked). Acceptable small parts. No S&W politics. And a design that's closer to the origional 1911 (and therefore easier to work on) than most.

If the potential issues that come with budget parts worry you, then it's time to open up the wallet and give Ed Brown or Nighthawk or Wilson a call. And then realize that it's still a mechanical system, and failures happen even with the expensive stuff.
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