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Is it just me or do SA firearms seem to need a lot of repairs?

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Spending time reading about Springfield Armory Inc. firearms (1911s and M1As both) there seems to be quite a few folks having to send their firearms back to Springfield, some more than once to have them repaired or worked on so they work right. I’m not trying to bash Springfield, I’m sure other companies have a few problems too. Just seems like there’s a lot of guns going back.

Anyone else?

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After dealing with Deb for over 13 years over a myriad of Custom projects that have encompassed just about everything in the evolution of the 1911, I can definitively state that there is no one more professional, dedicated and conscientious. Springfield Customs work can only be described as superlative, Debs customer service serves as the perfect complement. :D

As our moderator has stated, there are two sides to every story, and sometimes the customer is wrong.

I have not had problems with any of my SAs. My experience with the firearms industry in general in regards to service and support has been noteworthy. All the companies I have ever dealt with have been exemplary in their dealings. The same cannot be said by most other industries.
I am, generally, a big supporter of Springfield. I must admit, however, that I have sent a lot of there products back this year. More so than any other brand I carry. I have sent back two M1A's (one four times - and Dale Rader personally lied to the customer in the process), two 1911's (one is my personal pistol that was shooting low, and still shoots low, but not as much, and suddenly can't group to save my life), and two XD's plus one XD slide. Of course, with the grouping issue, I have not tried all the available ammo through the pistol. Like I said, I am a big supporter, but they aren't giving me much ammo to argue the "Springfield makes junk" people this year.
As you stated " sometimes the customer is wrong". Just one question. I sent the gun and barrel back to be fitted and 2 warranty fix items i.e.-loose ejector and non-tuned extractor. That was it. How "can the customer be wrong" if this is all I've asked to be done and my $$$ doubles-($125-150) turns out to be $295, and turn around -told 4-6 wks turns into 13 wks :hrm: I'll be the 1st to admit I'm wrong, but that's not the case this time. Tracy
tsp45acp said:
I'll be the 1st to admit I'm wrong, but that's not the case this time. Tracy
Its not a case whether you are the first to admit you are wrong...what you should say is: I'll be the first to admit there are two sides to the story. :hrm:
My mil-spec GI model did fine out of the box. I mean it went through two boxes of Wolf right out of the bat. Hollow points from Winchester no problem. Any problems that I have had have been due to operator error on the trigger, reloads, and do it your self gunsmithing. I think it is one tough pistol to have gun through the crap I've put it through.
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